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Jade's life is complicated. Raising six children on her own isn't easy. Sex isn't even a word in her current vocabulary. That is until Dagda shows up, the phallic god in the flesh, in her home. When danger shoots out of the dark, Jade's new-found warrior vows to protect her

Dagda, Celtic Earth and Father God, leader of the Tuatha De Danann hasn't been in the human world for the past two hundred years, until his daughter shows up missing. Little does he know by finding his daughter he will also find his true mate the one that can handle his lustful ways and his temper.

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The barmaid's costume was snug to say the least, her breasts barely contained, and her butt felt exposed. Second thoughts rushed through her mind as she stared at her reflection in the full-length mirror. Jade shrugged, walked downstairs, and strolled outside to the bonfires. Flames reached high into the evening air. Stars twinkled above. People came together two by two and danced in merriment. Teenagers huddled in small groups, laughing.

How did I ever let Tracy talk me into this? Jade tugged the garment down. Standing at the edge of the courtyard, she watched her guests move about.

“Why aren’t you dancing?” Hot air bristled the fine hairs at the nape of her neck. “A beauty like you should be in the arms of a man.”

His voice, a deep baritone, sent shivers down her spine, and she squirmed. She turned to gaze at a handsome stranger and sucked in cold air. It did nothing to cool the steam this sexy man created. Her pulse jumped in a tight tempo faster than the music that boomed in the background. Over six feet tall, stormy blue eyes danced with the flames of the fire and ignited an answering one in her skin. Deep, red hair framed his chiseled features. Let the dating games begin, please!

“I’m not much of a dancer, I’m afraid,” Jade mumbled and gazed at his bare chest. His leather costume pants hugged muscular legs, and all three of them enormous. God, how could he fit into anyone? Her gaze drifted upward to the sword and harp.

Crap I’m staring! Her gaze met with a pair of sky blue eyes. A knowing grin told her he’d caught her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. My name is Dagda.” His voice dipped lower, his gaze heated, and he offered a hand.

“Like the Dagda of the Tuatha de Danann?”

He nodded. “Would you dance with me? I promise not to step on your feet.”

Jade fortified her courage with a deep breath and prepared to do something she hadn’t done in six years: dance. The night we brought home the twins.

“My name is Jade Blair.” She put her small hand in his. “I’d love to dance.”


About the Author
Trinity Blacio

Trinity Blacio has been writing now professionally for ten years. Currently she has available titles from Freya’s Bower, Ravenous Romance, and Riverdale Anenue Books with more to come. She is always excited to be writing, hearing from readers, and helping fellow authors.

One of Trinity’s strongest beliefs is that no matter how small or big an author is, they should always help each other in the profession. With this idea in mind she has created a place where authors, editors, publishers, and anyone in the publishing business can come together to help each other.

She lives in Wellington, Ohio and shares with her two children, Cheyenne and Rudy, two cats Smokey and Missy. When Trinity has time you can find her reading all sorts of romance novels. But as you have figured out her favorite are Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Menage, Erotic Horror.

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