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BUNNY AND THE BEAR by Eve Langlais

When I first saw this cover, I laughed and wondered if Eve really intended to do story with a Bunny shifter. The answer is yes, but Miranda is wonderful and unstoppable (killer). This whole series is one of my favorites. If you like to laugh during sex, you'll love this series. ~ DM


What’s a poor bear to do when all he wants is some sweet, bunny pie?

Warning: No bunnies were permanently harmed in the making of this story, but the prognosis isn’t so good for the pie.

Bears and bunnies aren’t supposed to mix, or that’s what Chase keeps telling himself when his bouncy new neighbor won’t stay out of his business—and his mind. However, the more he gets to know his overly perky neighbor, the more he craves her, a desire worse than his addiction to honey and pie.

Miranda’s on a mission for the Furry United Coalition, and it involves secretly guarding one grumpy ol’ bear. Staying focused on the job isn’t easy when all she can think about is turning his frown upside down, a task made harder when she gets a glimpse of his passion. When she hears about his theory on woodland creatures and predators not mixing, she thinks all is lost, but she didn’t count on a bear’s curious nature—and possessive need.

When an evil force abducts Chase, Miranda unleashes her bunny in order to save him, but the revelation of her shifter side puts her in danger. Is one ornery bear enough to save her from a mad scientist? And if he does, can a bear forget her woodland creature status long enough to love her and make her his mate?
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Talk about hypnotic—and c**k hardening. The bouncing little ass, which he almost bumped into—at just the right height—bobbed from side to side right outside his apartment door. The owner of the delectable bottom, bent over out of sight, hummed as she gyrated. Indecent shorts covered her creamy globes, but barely. Her apparel appeared at least a size too small given the amount of cheek peeking from the ragged hems. Hell, in her current position, he could even tell she shaved, a fact his dick approved of, which of course irritated him to no end.

Chase didn’t know whether he should slap the round buttocks to get the female’s attention, or growl at her to get out of the way. Curbing his third urge, which involved grinding himself against the inviting bottom— preferably naked—he cleared his throat. “Ahem.”

Silky platinum, almost white hair flew up to slap him in the face as the woman straightened. The skein of hair caught on the bristles of his jaw and he shook his head with a grumble as he spat out the strand that got in his mouth. A whiff of her shampoo, an intoxicating raspberry flavor, made his tummy rumble, but not in hunger, unless carnal counted.

With a twirl, the flexing female faced him with a full-lipped smile that seemed much too cheerful this time of the morning. “Well, hello there, neighbor,” she chirped, her brightness so sweet he ached for his toothbrush. “Sorry I’m in the way. I was just warming up for my morning jog. I don’t think we’ve met. I just moved in to apartment nine C.” She thrust her hand out and twitched her nose at him as she continued to beam.

Chase scowled as he ignored her outstretched hand. One whiff and he could tell she didn’t belong to the human genome. Damned bunnies and their sunny natures. How could he properly rebuke her with her grinning like the world’s cutest simpleton? A guy bunny he could have cuffed upside the head, but a girl one… Somehow he didn’t think gagging her with his cock was the way to chastise her. “So you were the reason why I didn’t get to sleep in on Saturday? Could your moving guys have been any louder?”

Her vivid green eyes blinked, her lips lost their lilt, and he noticed a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. “But it was eleven o’clock in the morning. The landlord assured me it would be fine. Did you go to bed late?”

He fixed a glare on her and replied in a haughty tone, “I like at least a good sixteen hours on the weekend, eighteen even sometimes. Because of your ruckus, though, I only got a measly fourteen.” With winter only slowly losing its grip on the city, the urge to hibernate in his bed remained hard to shake.

“Hmm, last time I spent that long in bed, it wasn’t because I was sleeping,” she sassed with a wink.

The innuendo was impossible to miss, and while an insane urge to drag her back to his bedroom and test his bed’s springs did cross his mind, he instead feigned ignorance and frowned. “Then you should get a better mattress. Sleep should never be neglected.” He fixed her with a hard stare. “Or interrupted.”

A grin curled her lips and displayed gleaming white teeth. “Aww, aren’t you the most adorable grumpy bear,” she sassed with a wink. “Tell you what. I’ll make it up to you. Let me fix you some dinner.”

Hmm, naked wet bunny on a plate? “No,” he growled.

“Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?”

No, but he knew a sweet pastry he’d like to taste. Damn. His mind refused to get out of the gutter this morning. “No.”

Her nose twitched. “Massage?”

Greasy hands sliding all over his body and over his dick. Yeah that sounded like a plan. Hunh, wait a second. “No.” Chase needed to leave before the hard-on in his pants tore through the fabric and went after the little bunny’s pie, but she stood squarely in front of him, looking and smelling much too yummy.

Not at all perturbed by his negative replies, the luscious female rabbit tapped her chin with a finger as her eyes, narrowed in thought, held his gaze. He stared right back, trying to appear ferocious. She didn’t seem to notice. Cocking her head to the side, she eyed him up and down. Despite himself, he sucked his stomach in, bulking up his already massive chest. A bear did have his pride after all.

“I think I’ll just surprise you,” she said with a wink and a lick of her lips.

His c**k jerked as Chase almost went cross-eyed at the thought of what she might do—naked. “Please don’t,” he grumbled. Too late. The bunny, whose name he’d never gotten, sprinted off, her silken hair bouncing down her back, drawing attention to the exposed round cheeks of ass, her slap-me, bite-me, plow-me, perfect ass.

A long-suffering sigh escaped him. I must really need to get laid…

* * *

Book order for the Furry United Coalition Series (also known as FUC).

Book 1 – Bunny And The Bear
Book 2 – Swan And The Bear
Book 3 – Croc And The Fox
Book 4 – Lion And The Falcon
Book 5 – Doe And The Wolf

*For complete reader enjoyment, it is recommended you read the books in order.

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