Friday, January 3, 2014

About This Site

Welcome! My hope is that paranormal readers can use this site to find new romance in the subjects they love most. Comments are turned off all posts and pages for now. They may be allowed later for contests or special articles, but not routinely. Instead, readers should follow links in articles and listings to go to the author's website, blog, or other social media.  If you have comments or questions about this site, you can email them to

How can a Risky Reader (that's you) use the blog?
  • Genre Listing Links at top -- Click the link at the top of the blog site for the kind of book you like to read or one you're interested in reading. Some will have excerpts. Others will just be a simple listing.
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  • Bookmark and Visit Often -- You can bookmark this site and return to visit when you are looking for something new to read. There will be lots more books added as time goes by and I'm sure you'll find something of interest here.

How can you help us build the site?
  • You can share us on your social media and let others know about it. More visits to the page help these authors get their work in front of readers who might like their work.
  • Read the books. Write to the authors. Tell your friends when you find books here.
  • Post constructive reviews of the books on your favorite review site.
  • If you are blogger who features authors and books, write to some of the authors and see if they want to be featured on your blog.
Want to submit a paranormal question for authors to answer?
Email potential questions to At some point when the site is populated well, I will try to gather a few authors willing to answer the questions and create an article. Here are some I'm contemplating already. 
  • What Is It About Dragons That Makes You Write About Them?
  • Vampires: Heroes or Villain? Tell us about yours.