Thursday, January 2, 2014

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We are currently taking submissions from paranormal romance authors wanting to be featured. Indie and traditionally published authors are both welcome. Work must be both paranormal AND a romance. To increase your chances of a yes from us, please read all the following before sending us a request. Thank you.

If You Write YOUNG ADULT or NEW ADULT Paranormal Romance,  

Please Read This Information Before Submitting A Title To Us 


At this time we are not seeking any YA or NA titles for features. New Adult might be an okay fit, but these titles will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Some of the excerpts on this site have some graphic language and some mild sex scenes, such as touching or kissing. Though we take reasonable precautions to keep the content above a R rating, none of the features on this site are suitable for young YA readers. 


Please Read This Information Before Submitting A Title To Us  

Covers and excerpts must support the Risky Readers site in striving to maintain a PG13/R rating, BUT also remember that readers may purchase this book based on this feature. This means that we hope the covers, blurbs, and excerpts fairly represent the title being featured. We want as many readers as possible to feel comfortable browsing this site to find new paranormal romances to read. 

At time time, we have adopted a middle-of-the road acceptance policy. This means we are not featuring titles with menage covers and excerpts, and we are not willing to feature books with non-consensual sex scenes of any sort even those that end well.

If you want to be featured here, please offer us titles that are "middle-of-road" in terms of language and explicitness so we can promote your writing and work alongside the rest of our authors. Lots of RR authors write many different heat levels. We link to your author website in your article. Readers that choose to do so will be able to click the link and see the full range of your work on your site.

We hate saying no to featuring books because of content or covers, but we are learning to say it when we think we can't promote a book fairly.

Other Considerations 


Books submitted to Risky Readers should adhere to minimal good writing practices such as being professionally edited. They also must be available for sale or download on at least two standard sales sites commonly used by readers, such as Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, ARe, etc.



Send us a link to the Amazon (or other sales channel) sale page for the book you would like to see featured. Email:

Tell us 2-3 paranormal romance sub-genre labels you might want for your title (such as Werewolves and Time Travel). Please look at some of the titles and see how it works. Click your potential label to see what shows up in that search.

After we check out your book, we will get back to you about what we need to put together the feature. We look forward to featuring your work (our readers do too).