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THE GEEK JOB by Eve Langlais

As a werewolf who hires out as a bodyguard, Lexie is paid well to perform dangerous jobs. When she takes on the protection of a science geek for a vampire clan, she doesn’t expect her temporary girlfriend status to come with lots of pleasure.

But a geeky human who pushes all her right buttons isn’t reason enough for her to break the rules and fall in love.

Everything changes after an incident in the lab, but before she can decide if it’s safe to give him her heart.

Warning: After reading this, you may want a geek of your own.

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Anthony pushed his glasses back up on his nose as he stepped from the cab that deposited him outside of the hotel housing the conference. He couldn’t believe he’d made it. For the last three years, he’d buried himself in his work at Mr. Thibodeaux’s lab. He’d shown little interest in leaving the property given the fascinating project he worked on, a project he’d reluctantly left to attend this conference, yet, how could he refuse? They’d selected his paper on DNA abnormalities where he’d theorized that a simple twist of a DNA strand could make a person’s condition seem unreal, supernatural even, like Mr. Thibodeaux for example. 

The man exhibited a fatal allergy to the exposure of UV rays and required vast amounts of iron and blood transfusions to keep his body healthy. In times past, the superstitious masses would have condemned his employer as some unnatural creature, a vampire. Ridiculous, of course. Mr. Thibodeaux suffered from an allergy which came about as a result of some warped DNA strands. A genetic anomaly was the culprit here, not mystical nonsense.

With science, he would prove monsters did not, in fact, exist, and if all went well, he would cure them. Then—

A body jostled him as he stood woolgathering on the pavement; a feminine form whose tantalizing perfume made his salivary glands work overtime. How strange, given both his mind and body knew a woman didn’t provide bodily sustenance.

“I’m awfully sorry for bumping into you like that.” The sultry voice slid around him and, to his mortification, his c**k twitched. Surely it hasn’t been that long since I’ve taken care of my bodily needs that my penis would show a sexual interest just from a voice? He’d have to rectify his neglect later in the shower before he embarrassed himself.

Anthony had to look down to see the owner of the voice, his freakish height as always making him stand out, which made her not seeing him so odd. But he forgot all about her clumsy nature when he saw her.

Tall herself, even in the flats she wore, she gazed up at him in surprise. Anthony lost his train of thought, drawn into her soft green eyes flecked with brown. His gaze took in her lustrous brown hair caught up in an untidy chignon, and her proper, yet sensual, attire which consisted of a fitted cream jacket over a crimson blouse tucked into a pencil thin, black skirt. Her smooth, lightly tanned skin provided a perfect contrast to her pink glossed lips.

Humor glinted in her expression and her mouth tilted into a partial smile. Anthony struggled to regain control of himself and blushed as he realized she’d caught him staring. His heart sped up as he strove to find his voice in the face of the most beautiful woman he’d ever encountered. “Uh, no harm done. I guess I shouldn’t have been blocking the sidewalk.”

“No, it’s my fault for not looking where I walked,” she replied, her gaze not wavering from his, sending a shiver racing down his spine.

Her close proximity not only affected his lower regions, it made his pulse race. Anthony knew he needed to escape and regain his composure, then he’d need to figure out why one pretty woman flustered him so. “Um, well, I should get inside and get signed in.” His genius in the lab, as usual, didn’t extend to his banter.

“Are you also here for the conference?” she asked in a low tone that set his body tingling and made the blood in his brain rush elsewhere.

“Uh, yes. I’m actually one of the speakers.” Anthony flushed at his boast.

“Really? How fantastic,” she purred. “I’m here for just one of the speakers. I’m just dying to hear Anthony Sevall talk. I read his paper on DNA and myth and just loved it. He is so brilliant.”

Anthony’s body suffused with heat and he wanted to reply, but his lips refused to move, mostly out of fear he’d say something dorky and scare her off. The confidence he enjoyed among his peers evaporated in the face of his immense attraction to her.

She didn’t seem to notice anything amiss; although, he surely looked like the world’s biggest doofus standing there like a mute.

“I guess I’ll see you around.” She smiled before she turned and strutted off with a wiggle that made Anthony close his eyes, hoping the blood in his penis would return to his brain. Thank science he wore baggy trousers and a long jacket.

He cursed his social ineptness at the prime opportunity, now lost, to introduce himself and ask the gorgeous woman to dinner. In a fantasy world, where he didn’t turn into a stammering schoolboy, he would have swept her off her feet with his witty banter and smarts. He would have wined and dined her, all the while charming her with his intellect. At the end of the repast, she would have come back to his room where he would have worshipped every sun kissed inch of her body while she moaned his name.

Could have, should have. Anthony sighed. He was a researcher not a suave Casanova, and it didn’t take a genius to realize his reality sucked.

* * * *

Lexie checked in at the front desk, her room conveniently situated next to the giant scientist, a string that Frederick had pulled to ensure the ease of her task. As she waited for her room card, she pondered the geek she needed to protect. Turning part way, she could see him through the glass front doors, still standing outside. His dumbstruck expression warmed her.

While Anthony Sevall looked the part of nerdy scientist with his pale complexion, large glasses and untidy hair, his height took her by surprise. Sure the report listed him at seventy-six inches, but for some reason she hadn’t clued in that it would make him tower over her. In her world, geeks were supposed to be short and round shouldered, not freakishly tall next to her five foot nine. And I didn’t pack heels. Expecting a shorter stature, slouching target, she’d packed her flats so as to not appear too imposing. I wonder, if I can order up some heels?

Another surprise was the fact her wolf showed an interest in the human, waking and staying attentive during their conversation. Strange, because her canine side usually waited for blood and violence to rouse itself. She paid it no mind though. Who knew what intrigued her beast. Maybe it had scented the fact her skittish geek was prey—a male red riding hood to her big bad wolf. Lexie bit her lip so as to not snort at that last thought.


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Hello, my name is Eve. I'm a crazy Canadian mom who works full time as an author. In between juggling my three kids, hubby, and housework, I write steamy romance--usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens lol.

I love to write, and while I don't always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a HEA.

Thanks so much for coming by and checking me out. If you'd like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what's coming next, then please visit me at www.EveLanglais.com

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