Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RHUUL'S FLAME by Nulli Para Ora



Rhuul’s Flame is the first in a new romance fantasy series from author Nulli Para Ora that will sweep you away to magical realms where sometimes it takes more than magic to win the heart of the one you love!

Of all the species of the twelve realms, Rhuul is unique. The product of two races who despise each other, he is reviled by his family and unwelcome in his homeland.

Exiled, he finds himself in a new realm with beings he’s never seen before. They’re not important; only his destiny is. Driven to prove his worth, he seeks to rule a realm of his own. Nothing will stand in his way, and no one will change his focus. Or so he thinks.

When a mysterious woman calls out for help through his dreams, he searches her out. When they meet, she’s unlike anyone he’s ever encountered. Can they set aside their beliefs to work together? Can love bloom when their ideals are exact opposites?

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EXCERPT --  Chapter 1

“Where are you going when we get back?”

He didn’t speak right away, and she wondered if he’d heard her. “I don’t know, but I need to leave.”

“If you don’t know where you’re going, why do you have to leave? Tell me the truth.” She couldn’t see his face in the dark. Maybe that’s for the best. She didn’t need light to feel him loom over her. When he stepped closer, she abandoned her plans and shot fire on either side of her, revealing the darkness in his eyes.

“You want the truth? Fine. I’m leaving because you raise too many questions, questions I don’t have the answers to. I’m leaving because I don’t know what this is between us, and I don’t have time for it even though I want it more than anything. I’m leaving because I have to. I have my own destiny to fulfill, my own realm to rule, and I can’t do it from Akash.”

He leaned closer still, his breaths caressing the bridge of her nose, eyes, and cheeks. “I’m leaving because something happens to me every time I’m close to you. I need to leave because even as we speak, I’m so hard it hurts.” He leaned in even more, his lips almost touching hers. “Right now, I want to be inside you more than I want to breathe. I’ve looked at all the walls in this cave and I’ve already picked out the one I want to take you up against. So I’m leaving … before I can’t. Was that honest enough for you?”

Every inch of her skin was on fire. The look of hunger in his eyes matched the intensity of what she felt inside. Somewhere along the way, her mind convinced her body she’d die if she didn’t have him right then and there, and without any other words, she leaned in, bringing their mouths together.

He returned her kiss, his lips taking possession of hers. Their softness coupled with his insistence made her feel drunk as she snaked her arm around his waist. She held him as close as she could, feeling the hardness of his body against hers, noting the pulse of his arousal against her belly, wanting more than anything to free him from the prison of his clothes.


About the Author 

Nulli Para Ora

I’m a romance author who writes in multiple genres. A lover of languages, anime, martial arts, video games, nature, and music, I am inspired by everything from the profound to the mundane.

Whether it’s crafting a new realm, an alien planet, a new species, or an alternate reality, you can always count on twists and turns in my tales. Love can be irrational, undeniable, blissful, erotic, and sometimes frustrating, but it’s also universal, binding hearts across cultures and time.  Step into one of my worlds and stay awhile.

Web: www.nulliparaora.com
Twitter: @NulliParaOra
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