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DRAKEN by Solease M Barner



Cess Lamil is determined to get her college degree with honors and start her career. Her plans change quickly, when the new neighbors moves in down the street. Draken, the controlling and obnoxious neighbor, is all she can think about. Despite her initial dislike, Cess feels strangely drawn to the mysterious, handsome Draken, but she soon learns that Draken has dark secrets.

Draken Draglen is in town to get the family business in order. He lives by one rule: only sleep with women of his own kind. When Cess walks down the street to introduce herself, Draken fears he is going to break his rule. He is determined to stay away from her, fearing his dark secret may be revealed, but his need for Cess is too strong. Draken makes a decision that could change not only his life, but that of his family as well.  



“Hello, Cess,” Draken says, moving closer to me. I can’t move. He looks so sexy walking towards me. Everything south is wet. I feel like a fool. I can’t keep my eyes off him as he approaches me. He stands a foot away, just looking at me, gliding his purple eyes over my body. My breasts instantly harden when we make eye contact. We stare at each other without speaking.

“I was invited,” I say, finding my voice.

“Oh, well I like entertainment also, Cess, besides, remember, you owe me something,” Draken says, coming closer. I feel the need to kiss him, like in my dream. I want him.

“I, I, umm, don’t owe you,” I say, feeling really hot now. I should go.

“You owe me, Cess, and I want a dance. I hear from my brothers you can dance. Now I want a private viewing of your… skills,” he says, not stopping the eye contact.

“Draken, I’m sorry for coming to your home, I will leave now,” I say, trying to get past him, but instantly I feel his hands on my waist, holding me in place.

“You will dance with my brothers, and not dance with me? Why? I’m not as handsome as they are?” he asks, looking into my eyes, searching. I see the other brothers are not leaving this time. It’s as if they are waiting for the answer to a question, more than just a dance.

“I thought you didn’t want me at your house, now you want a dance?” I say, frowning a little.

“You have such bravery about you, Cess. Yes, I want you to dance for me, and then I will dance for you; if you don’t like it, then you may leave,” Draken says, with a small smile. Yikes, I could climax with that look he just gave me. Please don’t let me go back on my promise.

“So, what’s it going to be?” Showken says. I turn and see all eyes are on me. What are they waiting for?

“Fine, I’ll do one dance,” I say. Draken turns me around to face me, placing a very slow, tender kiss on my lips. Shit! I’m in freaking trouble.

“Cess, you taste really good,” Draken says, and my dream comes rushing back to me. He couldn’t know, could he? He goes and takes a seat near Gemi, and all of these men are staring at me like I’m a prize. I smile, hoping the drums will start, that will keep me focused. I need to hurry, before I end up in Draken’s bed. That kiss he just gave me has lit a fire in my body that is getting hotter. How will I stay out of this man’s bed? The tempo of the music they are playing begins to slow, and so does my body. I feel so special being here, as if it’s an honor to dance for them. Taking a chance, I open my eyes, and see that Draken is in full eye contact with me. That dream keeps coming into my mind, his lips on mine. I remember a heat in my lower belly, and that feeling of great pleasure. His eyes are so beautiful, and I feel the blush coming. He must notice too, because I get the most perfect smile. I don’t know if fighting this attraction is a good thing. Can Draken really be nice? His smile says that being with him could be nice, better than nice, fantastic. I can’t dance any more, his eyes are so intense, running over my body very slowly. He uncrosses his legs, standing up, moving slowly, coming towards me, my mouth is open. I want him so bad, I start fidgeting, what is he going to do? I try to exit before he reaches me.

“Oh, I . . . need to, umm, go. Yeah, I need to go,” I say, not moving from the spot.

“Really? I think you should stay,” Draken says, reaching me. He stands so close, not touching, but wow, this heat I feel, and it’s not because it’s a hot night. This heat that I can’t explain is getting hotter in my belly. He looks me straight in the eyes, not moving. I can’t look away. What is he doing to me? My body is reacting to him in a way I’ve never experienced. I have never wanted someone this bad. I don’t even know this guy. His chest is rising very slowly as he takes slow breaths in and out. I see his mouth move, but no words come out. What did he say?

“Umm, did you say something?” I ask, feeling like a horny mess.

“Yes, I was asking you to come inside,” he says, smiling at me. Is he making fun of me? I never like that. He holds his hands near my face, not touching, but he is outlining it. He finally touches my hair, and that small touch makes a low moan escape my lips. “Mmm,” it comes out again. I want his touch, it’s almost a longing, as if I have had it before and miss it. He takes a step closer, and our faces are so close I feel his breath on my lips. He speaks right into my mouth.

“Can I kiss you? Please,” Draken says, searching my eyes for a yes.

“Oh, okay,” is all I can manage.

“Close your eyes, Cess. Just feel,” he says. Without thinking I do it. I feel soft lips on mine and I think he is going to start kissing me, but he licks my lips very slowly, as if he is tasting me. I open my mouth just a little, and he assaults it. We are kissing, and I find the strength to reach and place my hands on his shoulders. I feel very warm hands meet my lower back, making a shiver go through my body. I can’t get enough, and I feel him squeeze very tight around me. I feel like I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole, never to return. I want to feel his beautiful long hair, and I run my hands through it. My body is submitting to him with no hesitation. He pulls back and my eyes open. “You are going to get me into trouble, Cess. Are you going to join me in my house?” he asks.

“Umm, Draken,” I say, blushing. “This is moving really fast. I mean you were just telling me to stay off your property, and now, umm, now you want me?

“Why do you need an explanation? Can you just go with what you feel at this moment? I wanted you when I first met you, Cess. Do you want me?” he asks, rubbing my back very slowly. This is making it hard to make a good decision. He must feel my hesitation. “You worried about our not knowing each other, I tell you what, I will make sure we get to know each other, just say yes and come in so I can feel you.”

“Whoa, you are so straightforward,” I say, looking around for his brothers. They have all left. I wonder when that happened. I didn’t see that happen. I can’t sleep with him, it doesn’t matter how bad I want him. I’m not a slut.

“Yes, I am to the point. I know what I want, and right now I would like you.” He stares at me, waiting for me to answer.

“I, I, Draken,” I say.

“Mmm, say it again,” he says, licking his lips.

“Say what?” I ask, distracted by his lips.

“My name, say it again, I like the sound of it leaving that sweet mouth,” he says, eyeing me intensely. I’m not sure if I can do this.

“Oh, Draken,” I say, seeing his hand is out for me. If I take his hand, my gut is telling me things will never be the same. I don’t know this man, but it feels so right being with him. I am about to place my hand in his, when I decide against it, pulling back. He cocks his head, looking at me like I should not have done that.

“Cess, hesitation is not something you should do. Follow your first mind. I just want to talk first.”

“I don’t know about this, Draken. I mean my last relationship was really hard on me, and I just can’t put myself out to be hurt like that again,” I say, fidgeting.

“Hmmm, I won’t hurt you. Now can we go have a drink, and eat some dinner? I’m sure my brothers are eager to have you at the table,” he says, taking my hand. Oh wow, I feel a heat go through me like a current. He just looks at me, searching again. I walk with him into his house, and it’s beautiful. I mean the d├ęcor, for men, is spectacular. The paintings look amazing. I’ve never seen such beautiful paintings before. They should be in a museum. I stop at one painting with a guy standing on a cliff. His face is not painted, but a purple dragon stands next to him as the sun is setting. They look close. Wow! I stop to get a closer look.

“Who painted this?” I say, wanting to touch, but not wanting to damage it.

“Someone I know painted this picture. Come, dinner is waiting,” he says, and we finally make it to a dining room. It is all white. I mean, everything is white. I will not eat, I’m not sure why the room is white, it’s really weird for men to have an all white room. I see his brothers smiling at me. Why are they so happy I’m here, this is weird. I turn to look at Draken, whose face is unreadable, but he is staring at me.

“We have never eaten with a lady before, Cess, at this table. We are honored you joined us. Please sit,” Draken says, pulling a chair out next to the head chair.

“Okay, thank you. I am very happy to be here with you all. Thank you for inviting me,” I say, sitting.

“I hope you like to eat, Cess, Showken and my brothers have prepared a feast for you,” Draken says, smiling. Oh, there it goes again, the need to kiss him. I need a distraction.

“You guys don’t have a cook?” I say.

“We are very private, Cess, and when we are here, we live very independently. At home, it’s a different story,” Showken says, winking at me.

“Oh.” That is the only response I have. The table is decked out with roast lamb, some beef dish, and lots of fish of different sorts, with tons of veggies. They really can eat - this looks like it could feed about a hundred people. They all look very fit, so they must work out, to eat this way.

“What would you like to eat first, Cess,” Gemi says, looking very handsome and sexy. Yikes, I should not be around so many men alone. I feel uncomfortable. I hope none of them are killers. That very moment, they all began to chuckle and shake their heads.

“I’m not real hungry, I’ll take some lamb and veggies, please,” I say, smiling.

“Save room for dessert,” Draken says, handing me a plate that has been fixed very quickly by Layern. I guess he knew what I would want. I blush under Draken’s comment, feeling so embarrassed.

“Cess, you are truly beautiful,” Showken says, smiling.

“Showken, stop making Cess blush,” Gemi says.

“Yes, let’s eat,” Draken says, commanding. The room falls silent. They all eat cautiously, not spilling a drop. I’m eating very cautiously in this all-white room, I’ve been in white rooms before, but this room is different, I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s too white, if there is such a thing. Who would have a dining room all white? I watch them all as they finish their plates, going back for seconds and thirds. Wow! They can put away some food. I can’t eat that much, so I eat half my overloaded plate, finally pushing it away.

“Cess, you want dessert?” Showken says, and all the rest are staring at me. My, oh my, these are some very sexy men.

“Umm, no, I’m full.”

“Great, Cess and I need to speak,” Draken says, and with a nod to me, the brothers rise, leaving the room. Now I’m alone with him again. I turn and see him looking at me. Then he speaks.

“Cess, I would like you to be . . . would you date me?” Draken says. He speaks so calmly, yet his eyes are dancing, searching, full of hope.


About the Author

Solease M Barner has used writing as an outlet since grade school. While at the University of Michigan she was forced to take literary classes and her love for writing increased even more.

Solease graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors in Sociology. She then went on to graduate from Kaplan University with a Master’s in Criminal Justice.

During her time in higher education she continued to write with a deeper passion for writing. Her career passion is Criminal Justice, but her first love is writing poetry and short stories. This love lead her to write her first novel ‘The Sleeper’, the first book in the Secrets of the Ghosts trilogy.

Here is the author website for The Draglen Brothers http://thedraglenbrothersseries.wordpress.com/

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