Friday, September 27, 2013

Combining Romance with other Genres

I am a risky reader. I like my romance with healthy dose of originality and rule breaking. How about you?

As an author, I'm currently writing Science Fiction Romances because I had this Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly inspired itch I had to scratch before it drove me crazy. Gads, they're fun to write. Fight scenes. Aliens with mega powers. Laser weapons. Bigger spaceships. Missions to rescue people.

My paranormal work

But I'm also filling up my ereader with Dragon books because they are my current reader of paranormal books obsession. Friends turned me on to Thea Harrison's Elder Races series a few months ago. On a recent plane trip, I devoured Dragon Bound (Book1) on the way there and Storm's Heart (Book 2) on the way back. Two others in the series are now waiting for me. I think I have every G.A.Aiken book. I have Kate McAlister's. I have author friend Liliana Hart's which has a setting like an Urban Fantasy and maybe one of the toughest dragon heroines I've ever read. Recently, I also met Bianca d'Arc at a conference where she was on a panel talking about dragon books. I have two of hers now.

The point is that I found these amazing authors through friends who loved Dragon books and told me about them.  I've been trying like crazy to find a way to spread the word about my SciFi Romances in the same manner.  Maybe potential readers just don't know where to find them.

I'm starting this site with the hopes of just collecting, featuring, and referring out books to readers who love this kind of work.  At the moment, I do not plan to do any reviewing. There are plenty of sites that do that. I might connect to review sites. I will definitely connect to where a title can be purchased and/or the author's website. I will "feature" authors who want to be featured and offer them a chance to include a cover shot, author bio, and excerpt from their work, if they are willing.

Here is what I'm planning to do with this site, but this list is subject to change as I change:
  1. Build a giant list of all kinds of paranormal books, authors, and links. See the links across the top for the starting ones. To keep this from getting too crazy, a book will only be offered in two lists, so if you're a reader, please look at several lists.
  2. Feature an interesting book once a week or so.
  3. Take reader questions and get authors to answer them. For example, I might ask "What's the dragon like in your books?" and get several dragon book authors to answer. The number of ideas here are endless.
  4. Feature author interviews.
  5. Keep the blog as PG 13 as possible, going no further than R ratings in language, presentation, etc. I don't want to block readers and demand proof of their maturity. While I read some SciFi and Paranormal Erotic romances, I don't want the headache of filtering them on this site. In those cases, if an "Erotic Paranormal/SciFi" book is featured, the article will most likely contain the author's photo linking to their web page where you can see the book. That said, I am not going to put warnings next to books about what is in them, so let the reader beware that they will occasionally run across a shifter menage or a shifter m/m book. The point is to collect paranormal. Sub-genres are the prerogative of the author. 
  6. Though I love all writing, I guarantee no listing. Low ratings over time (indicating poor crafting/editing), taboo subject matter (incest, etc), and books that I wouldn't share with my reading friends will not appear here. My hope is to make these recommendations as genuine as possible.
Well, that's certainly enough goal setting for the blog post. Hope you find something here that piques your interest.